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Why U.S. Homeowners Choose Mitsubishi When Going With Ductless Heating and Cooling

  • Money Saving and Energy

There are many choices available to U.S. homeowners for home heating and cooling systems. Choosing the right system is contingent upon many variables, including the new construction or remodel specifications of the home, energy sources, system efficiency, indoor air quality concerns and weighing many more pros and cons involved with an important home investment. Keep reading to learn the many advantages of going ductless, and why discerning homeowners choose Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems.

Why Choose Ductless Heating and Cooling?

Ductless heating and cooling systems are air-source heat pumps and cooling systems that use the same principles of moving heat energy as traditional central heat pumps and A/Cs. As the name implies, however, ductless systems don't need ductwork for air distribution, which offers many advantages.

  • Minimal impact: By removing the design complexities involved with ductwork, ductless systems save valuable space for new home design and don't encroach upon existing living spaces in remodels and retrofits. The indoor air handling unit (AHU) may be mounted on the surface or in the cavity of walls, ceilings and floors. The outdoor cabinet uses a considerably smaller footprint than traditional central systems. A thin conduit houses the necessary refrigerant and drainage lines, and it's routed through inconspicuous areas outside the living spaces.
  • Ideal for many applications: The indoor AHUs may be mounted to the surface of walls, floors and ceilings, or they may be concealed in cavities behind, below and above these same areas for a smooth finish. The conduit generously extends up to 50 feet for flexible location of the indoor AHUs and the outdoor cabinet.
  • Efficient heating and cooling: Ductless systems use electrically-driven components to manipulate refrigerant to extract, move and release heat energy, which is an efficient means for home heating and cooling. Households with or without gas connections can take advantage of ductless technology.
  • Zoning comfort and efficiency: Perhaps you're familiar with zoning in a conventional ductwork system, where automatic duct doors direct airflow to each zone based on your settings. Ductless systems are zoning systems by design. Ductless system AHUs are independently controlled from one another and independent of existing heating and cooling systems.
  • Air cleaning: Each AHU contains an air filter that helps keep the zone free of allergens, particulates and odors, depending on the quality of the onboard filtration system.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless systems generally offer much quieter operation than conventional central systems. This is due to a number of factors, including a smaller compressor and no noises created by airflow movement through air ducts.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Ductless Systems?

If you're convinced that ductless systems offer the best heating and cooling solution for your needs, you'll certainly be shopping manufacturers and professional ductless installers. Fortunately, the best ductless systems and professional installers across the U.S. can be found at one and the same Mitsubishi Electric.

  • Greater versatility: Mitsubishi ductless systems offer a plethora of installation options with a two-piping conduit that delivers greater distances (in excess of 200 feet) than many competitors with simultaneous heating and cooling, when desired, in two different zones. For example, you may cool a home office in converted attic space while simultaneously cool a guest house. Both zones using the same outdoor unit.
  • Greater energy efficiency: Mitsubishi’s digital-inverter compressor technology and electronic expansion valve precisely regulate refrigerant flow for maximum heating and cooling efficiency. Refrigerant superheat and sub-cooling is maintained and controlled through a Smart Coil™ design to optimize performance and capacity in any mode.
  • Greater comfort: The typical ductless system has a temperature sensor on the AHU for return air. Mitsubishi’s i-See™ Sensor system scans for hot/cold spots in the zone and electronically adjusts temperature and airflow as necessary in real time, which provides consistent comfort throughout the zone.
  • Greater heating capacity: Mitsubishi ductless systems can provide supplemental or primary heating in most regions. The H2i® technology delivers efficient zone heating when outside temperatures fall to as cold as -13 degrees.
  • Enhanced air cleaning: All Mitsubishi ductless systems offer three-phase filtration for odor control, destroying germs and capturing particulates and allergens.
  • Quieter operation: Digital-inverter compressor technology operates at human-whisper decibels. An outdoor unit this quiet won’t disturb you or the neighbors.
  • Certified ductless installer: Mitsubishi Electric Contractors are factory-authorized HVAC contractors who have met stringent criteria by Mitsubishi Electric to supply, service, repair and install Mitsubishi ductless systems.

Trust your home heating and cooling investment only to a factory-authorized dealer. Please contact us to speak with a Mitsubishi Electric contractor in your area.

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