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How to Gain Control Over Home Comfort

  • Money Saving and Energy

Ductless heat pumps can increase home comfortMild weather may give you a chance to enjoy some time free of needing to operate your home comfort system, but it also offers you the opportunity to rethink your approach to moderating indoor conditions. If you face challenges as temperature changes set in, you may find that a ductless heat pump allows you to gain greater control over home comfort needs. Consider some of the most common comfort issues related to central heating and cooling systems.

Differing Temperature Preferences

Are you often at odds with one or more members of your household as you battle over temperature settings? One person may prefer cooler conditions while another desires a warmer environment. With central air conditioning and heating, an adjustment affects the entire home. However, ductless equipment provides versatility, allowing settings for each space to be customized based on personal preferences. Individual units are placed in different rooms and spaces, and each is adjusted based on the unique needs for that area.

Inconsistent Temperatures and Zone Control

Your home's structural elements can lead to inconsistencies in HVAC performance. Multi-level homes, for example, tend to retain more heat in upper levels. Some rooms may be affected by hot or cold spots. System zoning can help by closing off airflow to spaces as desired temperatures are reached. This allows more concentrated heating and cooling in the rooms that are more difficult to moderate. However, the central system still operates at full power to supply the heating or cooling energy required.

With a ductless heat pump, zone control can be more precise. As an area reaches the desired temperature, the unit for that space is able to rest. Meanwhile, a unit in an area that requires greater levels of heating or cooling activity can continue to operate as needed.

Airflow Concerns

There are many possible explanations for low air pressure with a central system. Poor maintenance, dirty equipment or a caked air filter can restrict airflow. Dirty or leaky ducts can also lead to air pressure issues. Duct design may even be a factor, especially if air pressures are inconsistent from room to room. Ductless equipment eliminates ducts from your home comfort equation, facilitating a strong airflow in each room.

Gaining Control Over Utility Bills

One of the biggest home comfort frustrations is the cost of heating and cooling. If you are consistently sacrificing your comfort to keep thermostat settings in check, a ductless heat pump can provide better efficiency levels. Bypassing ducts to moderate indoor temperatures can eliminate between 20 and 40 percent of the energy loss typically experienced with central equipment. Zoned comfort control and precise settings also streamline energy loss issues, allowing you to trim your utility bills.

Finding a Ductless Expert

If you are ready to take control of your home comfort system, you can consult with an expert in ductless equipment to explore the best system solutions for your home. Just use our convenient online tools to find a reputable Mitsubishi Electric contractor in your area.

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