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Choosing a Ductless Contractor? Let Us Help

  • Money Saving and Energy

A ductless mini split is one of the most energy efficient options for heating and cooling new additions or recently converted spaces in your home. If you're going ductless, you can ensure maximum system efficiency and longevity by working with the most qualified Mitsubishi Electric HVAC contractor for the selection and installation process.

HVAC Licenses

When you're buying a ductless system, the manufacturer may require that you use a licensed HVAC contractor to install the system. In fact, all states in the U.S. require that HVAC equipment be installed by a contractor that is:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded and insured to protect the client
  • Properly certified by the U.S EPA to handle refrigerant

Even though a ductless system doesn't require refrigerant charging on-site, most manufacturers require that the system be installed by a licensed contractor to keep the warranty valid. This is an important consideration when purchasing and installing any kind of HVAC equipment. 

Factory Certified

When you're choosing a ductless contractor, make sure the one you pick is a factory authorized Mitsubishi Electric dealer. The benefits of doing so are many. Dealers who have earned factory authorization have a wider knowledge base about the product they're selling, which benefits you considerably. They receive in-depth information about the products they sell and install and have access to bulletins from Mitsubishi Electric about product updates.

In order to maintain the certification, the HVAC contractor must continue his or her education about the products that Mitsubishi Electric offers. It's part of the continuing education program and assures consumers that the contractors with whom they work offer the best knowledge and expertise.

A ductless mini split requires professional maintenance from time to time. Factory certified contractors are in a better position to conduct the service since they have the detailed information on tap about your system. They'll have the specifications needed to bring the system back to its factory settings and optimize long-term efficiency.

A Mitsubishi contractor will also show you exactly what you need to do to keep the equipment running as efficiently as possible. DIY tasks such as changing the air filter and keeping the outdoor condenser clear of debris are instrumental in optimizing the efficiency of the heating and cooling process.

Industry Accomplishments

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a non-profit program that certifies HVAC technicians that possess the highest level of knowledge. When you're choosing a ductless contractor, look for one who employees NATE certified technicians.

NATE requires stringent testing of applicants and continuing education to maintain the certification. Surveys indicate that NATE certified technicians receive fewer callbacks from their customers, and equipment installed by these technicians has fewer warranty issues. 

Experience with Ductless Systems

Although ductless mini splits are heat pumps that don't require ductwork, they require a contractor with a specific knowledge of ductless systems. This experience allows the contractor to make sure that the air handler and outdoor condenser are placed in the optimal locations for your continued comfort. While ductless systems can heat and cool in just about any climate, those with excessively cold or hot weather may perform better with subtle changes to the position of the air handler and the outdoor condenser.

An experienced ductless contractor can also recommend changes to your home, or the space they're going to condition, to improve their efficiency. Improvements may include sealing air leaks and improving window efficiency. In hot climates, shade screens on the south- and west-facing windows will cut the cooling load.  In colder climates, using thermal drapes will decrease the heating load.

To learn more about choosing a ductless contractor for your home, contact a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor for your area today.

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