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Advanced Technology Offered in Mitsubishi Electric’s Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Money Saving and Energy

When you buy Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems, you can be sure you're getting the most technologically advanced home comfort equipment available. Mitsubishi applies advanced technology to all of its products, producing sturdy, stable heating and cooling systems that provide superior indoor comfort and reliable performance. 

Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems, such as the company's ductless heat pump models, offer high levels of comfort combined with reduced energy consumption and ease of installation. These models, sometimes called ductless mini-splits, permit easy zoning of your home to provide heating and cooling exactly where it's needed. Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems give homeowners easy options for new system installation while ensuring the least amount of disruption.

The important advanced technologies found in Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems include features that are designed to boost equipment efficiency, increase heating and cooling effectiveness, and reduce energy usage.

Smart Coil Design

Smart Coil features use several individual sensors to maintain coil temperatures for improved operation. These advanced coil functions effectively regulate superheat and subcooling functions of the refrigerant. Greater control over the coil and refrigerant temperatures result in the best performance and functional capacity possible.

Hot-Start Technology

Hot-Start features improve the systems' heating operations by preventing cool air from being blown into your home while the equipment is first generating heat. The Hot-Start technology controls the fans on the indoor air handling units, preventing the air handlers from moving any air into your home before the coil has reached the proper operating temperature. This ensures that only warm air will be sent into your living spaces. There will be no chilly spots in your home while the system warms up, and overall comfort will be improved through consistent levels of heat.

Better heating also means you'll be less likely to turn the system up to compensate for cool air that might enter your home during heating operations, reducing the overall amount of energy used and amount of money spent to maintain indoor comfort.

i-See Sensor

The i-See sensor provides advanced temperature sensing abilities that will ensure more consistent heating and cooling throughout your home. The sensor can scan the upper and lower areas of a room to sense any hot or cold spots that aren't consistent with the settings at the thermostat. When inconsistent temperatures are detected, the sensor can make real-time adjustments in temperature and airflow to even out the temperature in the room and provide a more consistent level of comfort within the area.

This technology ensures that the heating and cooling you pay for will be evenly and thoroughly distributed in your living areas and that you won't mistakenly believe the area is hotter or colder than expected because of the natural rise of warm air toward the ceiling or fall of cool air toward the floor.

Smart Controls

Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems include smart controls that allow for precise operation of your equipment. Wall-mounted controls combine with handheld remote control units to give you the ability to select system functions, make adjustments to indoor temperature levels, and choose the proper mode for operation. The controllers also allow easy access to timers and programmable functions that provide even better control of the system's features and functions.

Enhanced Filtration Systems

The enhanced filtration ability of Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems provides thorough cleaning and filtration of indoor air, resulting in fewer airborne contaminants, particulates, allergens, microorganisms and odors. The filters offer multiple layers of filtration that can boost indoor air quality and make sure the air in your home is as clean and fresh as it can be.

Advanced Components

Other advanced components include parts that improve overall system efficiency and performance. Inverter-driven compressors, electronic linear expansions valves and improved sensors give Mitsubishi systems an edge that other heating and cooling systems can't match. Advanced processors provide more computing power that improves the performance of all aspects of the system, including temperature control, air distribution and remote control of system functions and settings.

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