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Seven Completely Natural Ways to Improve IAQ

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According to WebMD, indoor air quality (IAQ) issues are a national public health problem. When your indoor air quality worsens, you might experience respiratory ailments, decreased quality of life, and physical discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways to improve indoor air quality using natural methods. Try some of these natural ways to improve IAQ in your Kansas home.

Fill Your Home With Greenery

While plastic and other synthetic plants might require less work, real plants produce oxygen that contributes to your home's air quality. They also filter harmful chemicals from the air you breathe, which means purer air without any artificial intervention.

Just about any plant can improve IAQ, but some plants are considered more beneficial. When you visit your local nursery, look for varieties like snake plants, bamboo, weeping figs, and peace lilies. They are all proven to filter the air more efficiently than other types of greenery.

Vacuum and Mop Your Floors at Least Once a Week

A clean home is less vulnerable to poor IAQ. Vacuum and mop your floors as frequently as possible to scoop up allergens and contaminants. Once a week should suffice for most homeowners, but if anyone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, you might want to increase the frequency.

Dusting can also help. Before you vacuum and mop, run a dusting cloth over all the hard surfaces in your home. Consider using microfiber cloths, which attract dust and other particles via electrostatic energy. Remember the areas of the home that you might not give much attention, such as the tops of ceiling fans and the window ledges.

Encourage Visitors to Remove Their Shoes

When visitors walk into your home, they bring with them pollen spores, dust, dirt, and other contaminants that they encountered outdoors. Instituting a no-shoes policy for your home can vastly improve IAQ. Your air conditioning or heating system won't have a chance to pick up those particles and distribute them through the air.

Consider putting a basket or box by your front door so visitors have a convenient place to deposit their shoes. You can also put mats in front of your doors that will pick up contaminants and prevent them from venturing farther into your home.

Switch to Chemical- And Fragrance-Free Cleaning Agents

Natural cleaners don't contain harsh chemicals that worsen your indoor air quality. Avoid any cleaning agents or other home products that contain added fragrances. Reducing the use of perfume and scented personal care items can also help, and you can make your own DIY cleaners if you prefer to avoid commercial products.

Clean Your Furniture

Your couches, chairs, bedding, and other furniture can trap irritants or even release them into the air. Look for furnishings made from natural fibers whenever possible, then clean them on a regular basis. This is especially true if you have pets because dander can get trapped between sofa cushions or on other furnishings and reduce the quality of the air you breathe.

Switch to Natural Fibers in Linens

Synthetic clothing, bedding, towels, and other linens can release harsh chemicals into the air. To prevent this problem, consider buying linens that only contain natural fibers. Regardless of the type of linens you use, however, wash them frequently in hot water. All fibers can trap contaminants, allergens, and pathogens that might make you sick.

Install a Ductless Air Conditioning System

Air ducts, when properly maintained, aren't always bad for indoor air quality. However, ductless systems can't trap allergens and other contaminants in the ductwork, which makes them a better choice for IAQ. You also don't have to worry about having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

Ductless systems are also easier to maintain, in many cases, and easier to install. They don't lose energy through leaks, and they allow you to control the temperatures in rooms individually. Ask your HVAC technician whether a ductless system might work in your home.

Improving indoor air quality can have a massive impact on your comfort at home. To discuss other options for improving IAQ, contact Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling today.

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