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Sleek Looks for Your Home Addition

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Planning an addition for your home is an exciting proposition, but it can also be worrisome because you want it to turn out just right. One of the more popular interior design ideas for home additions and renovations is a sleek, modern style that incorporates the latest high-tech upgrades. Among the technology that is worthy of consideration is a state-of-the-art cooling solution for home additions, and ductless AC systems from Mitsubishi are quickly filling this demand. When you find a reliable, licensed dealer while still in the planning phase, you will be able to seamlessly integrate installation into the building process.

Modern Interior Design

Modern designs for home additions are sleek and elegant, and your friends and family will be duly impressed by your taste. Light colors for the walls are a great start, and you can go with either sharp corners or rounded edges. However, no matter the specific style you choose, you will want to incorporate a few high-tech systems into the design.

An excellent way to help keep your addition cool and control light streaming through the windows is to purchase motorized roller shades. These contemporary shades are easy to install and can be rolled up or down with a remote control or operated through a central control system.

Another good idea is to install contemporary ceiling fans. Ceiling fans reduce the apparent temperature by up to 10 degrees when the breeze hits your skin, which makes them an important energy-efficient cooling solution for home additions. These fans are available in an assortment of colors, sizes and styles, including glossy white and natural wood.

Room AC Options

Among the most aesthetic room AC options for new home additions is ductless air conditioning. Ductless AC systems are easy to install, and they have slim profiles that allows them to blend into their surroundings. These units mount directly into the rooms they are designed to cool, and all that is required is a small space in your walls to run refrigerant lines and wiring. In most cases, they can connect with an outdoor condenser through an opening as small as three inches in diameter.

Ductless AC systems are available in three primary styles:

  • Ducted systems – While this style actually uses a duct, it is so slim that it can be installed in the ceiling or under the floor.
  • Wall-mounted systems – Wall-mounted units are usually installed high on the wall near the ceiling. They are small, barely noticeable and come in neutral colors to help them blend into your décor.
  • Recessed cassette systems – Recessed cassette systems are installed in the ceiling, and all that can be seen is a small grill with one or more unobtrusive vents.

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