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Benefits of Buying Ductless From a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor

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It takes no effort to find a local heating and cooling contractor who knows a thing or two about installing a traditional furnace or air conditioner. However, if you’re hoping to enjoy the benefits of a ductless mini split, finding a company to help you select and install the correct components isn’t so simple.

Fortunately, Mitsubishi Electric contractors know the finer points of ductless heating and cooling and can provide you with helpful advice, reliable installation, ongoing maintenance and effective repairs. Consider the ways choosing Mitsubishi ductless systems from certified Mitsubishi Electric contractors helps homeowners get the most from this innovative technology.

Professional Sizing

As with all HVAC equipment, Mitsubishi ductless systems need to be properly sized prior to selection and installation. The sizing process involves assessing your home’s heating and cooling loads with formal load calculations. It’s nearly impossible to perform these calculations without the proper tools and know-how, so it’s important to leave the task to a certified contractor.

Superior Selection

What’s the point of having a wide selection if none of the options utilize the latest innovations for performance, comfort and efficiency? What you need is a handful of exceptional Mitsubishi ductless systems to choose from, each of which is reliable, quiet and economical.

The primary differences are found in outdoor unit compatibility and efficiency ratings. A Mitsubishi Electric contractor can help you pinpoint the perfect model for your budget and future energy-saving needs.

Expert Answers

The ductless system you choose determines home comfort every day for many years to come. In order to make the right selection, you need answers to questions about costs, efficiency, performance, maintenance and more. Mitsubishi Electric contractors answer all your concerns honestly and in depth to ensure you don’t second guess your selection.

Dependable Installation

While choosing the right ductless system is the first step, you won’t enjoy peak efficiency and performance without a proper installation. Never attempt a do-it-yourself job. After all, getting everything set up is about more than simply making a few connections; it’s about positioning the air handler for optimal comfort, using the right refrigerant lines for seamless operation and making other important considerations. Leave the installation in the hands of a certified Mitsubishi Electric contractor.

Ongoing Maintenance

A major benefit of ductless mini splits is their minimal maintenance requirements. Throughout the year as you switch from heating to cooling and back again, you should be able to handle most maintenance tasks yourself, such as cleaning the filters, vacuuming the indoor coil and trimming foliage away from the outdoor unit. However, these are simply the steps you should take between professional tune-ups.

Preventative maintenance is very affordable and goes a long way toward helping your equipment perform efficiently and last as long as possible before requiring a repair or replacement. Professional ductless system maintenance consists of deep cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils, performing diagnostics on electronics and sensors, and chemically treating the condensate line to prevent algae growth that could hinder drainage. You can expect such a thorough visit from a Mitsubishi Electric contractor.

Effective Repairs

Advanced Mitsubishi ductless systems come with the latest innovations and durable features, meaning they don’t require repairs very often. This is especially true if you have the unit maintained once a year by a professional. However, no piece of electrical equipment can last forever.

When your unit requires attention, leave the repair – whether large or small – to an authorized Mitsubishi Electric contractor. It’s easy for ordinary HVAC contractors to claim experience working with ductless mini splits, and some truly do have a little know-how, but their training doesn’t come close to that of Mitsubishi Electric contractors. Plus, you enjoy greater piece of mind when you count on repairs from a contractor who sells the very brand of equipment requiring service. Expect quick diagnostics and efficient repairs performed correctly the first time around when you choose a Mitsubishi Electric contractor for the job.

All-Around Exceptional Service

Finding a great deal on Mitsubishi ductless systems is nice, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing who to rely on for system selection, installation, maintenance and repair services. By choosing a local Mitsubishi Electric contractor for all your ductless mini split needs, you avoid expensive, inconvenient complications down the road.

Learn more about Mitsubishi ductless systems, or find a Mitsubishi Electric contractor near you to perform the installation and other important services.


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