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Outdoor Single Zone Ductless Systems

Outdoor units provide the heating and cooling power for your home HVAC system. You might use an electric air conditioner or heat pump to provide for indoor comfort. If you're shopping for a new ductless heating and cooling system, it's important that you choose a unit that provides for great efficiency while meeting your personal needs. Outdoor single-zone units are ideal for home and business owners who need to cool a small space and prefer simple, straightforward systems.

Understanding Outdoor Single-Zone HVAC Units

Single-zone heating and cooling units are connected to a single air handler inside your home or business. The outdoor air unit and indoor air handler are connected by a refrigerant line that facilitates the carriage of treated air from the outdoor unit to your indoor spaces. Remember that a single-zone unit can only be connected to one air handler. These units are ideal for:

  • Homeowners who only want to cool one or two rooms.
  • Small business spaces.
  • Small rental properties or guesthouses.
  • Garages, basements and building additions.

Product Ratings and Descriptions

When shopping for a single-zone outdoor unit, you're likely to run into some technical terminology. Familiarize yourself with the following four terms so that you're best prepared to pick the unit that meets your needs:

  • SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings will help you determine the efficiency of a heat pump or air conditioner. Look for ratings between 13 and 26 to enjoy the greatest energy savings.
  • HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings are used to gauge the heating efficiency of heat pumps. Look for ratings between 6.8 and 10 to enjoy the greatest energy savings.
  • In inverter compression systems, the compressor is run at variable temperatures depending on heating or cooling demands. This type of system provides the highest efficiency possible.
  • In non-inverter compression systems, the compressor runs at the same speed any time heating or cooling power is needed. These systems offer good energy efficiency.

Single Zone vs. Multi Zone Systems

One of the most important decisions you must make while shopping for a new HVAC system is whether you will use a single-zone or multi-zone system. Remember that single-zone systems are best for use in small homes or when you only need to control the temperature in one or two rooms while multi-zone systems will allow you to heat and cool many different rooms. You can also evaluate system capabilities, along with your own needs, to determine the type of unit best suited to your home.

Understanding System Capabilities

The most significant difference between single-zone and multi-zone systems is that only multi-zone systems can support the operation of more than one indoor air handler. However, not everyone needs to cool a large space. You might be looking for an AC solution to cool your new man cave or room addition. A single zone ductless system is perfect for these types of applications. These units also provide good cost value and high efficiency for rental property owners who want to equip units with air conditioning but don't want to use ductwork.

Evaluating Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Your own needs play a primary role when choosing ductless heating and cooling systems for your home or business. Think about how much space you need to cool and how much control you want to have over heating and cooling. A single-zone outdoor unit will provide you with excellent temperature control power while allowing for great energy savings.

Making The Most of Single-Zone Units

It's essential that you ask a professional to size and install your new HVAC unit. Only a trained contractor or technician can ensure that your system is a good fit for your space and that it is installed to allow for ideal operation. As your Mitsubishi Electric Contractors, we're happy to help you with your single-zone heating and cooling needs.

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