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Outdoor Multi Zone Ductless Systems

An outdoor heating or cooling unit provides pleasantly treated air for your home or business. Without these units, you'd get nothing but stale, recirculated air from your indoor air handling units. If you're shopping for new ductless heating and cooling units, you'll have many Mitsubishi Electric systems from which to choose. Remember that a multi-zone unit can best handle your whole-building heating and cooling needs. These units are designed to provide a high level of comfort in even the largest of spaces.

Understanding Outdoor Multi-Zone Units

Outdoor multi-zone units provide the power to create the cooled or heated air that you pump into your home or business. Unlike single-zone units, multi-zone systems can be connected to more than one indoor air handler. These systems are ideal for:

  • Homeowners who want to heat or cool a large home evenly.
  • Business owners who need to heat or cool a large building.
  • Individuals who want to control the temperature in each room individually.
  • Families whose members have different temperature preferences.

Product Ratings and Descriptions

While shopping for multi zone ductless units, you'll run into different terms to describe unit operation and efficiency. Familiarize yourself with these four terms so that you're best prepared to choose the unit that meets your needs:

  • SEER (season energy efficiency ratio) ratings tell consumers how efficiently a heat pump or air conditioner creates cool air. SEER ratings of 13 and higher indicate appliances with a high level of efficiency.
  • HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings describe how efficiently heat pumps produce heating power in the winter. Ratings between eight and 10 indicate units with high efficiency.
  • Systems that use an inverter compression system can operate at variable speeds. This means that they help to conserve energy while extending the unit's operating life.
  • Systems that use a non-inverter compression system operate at the same speed at all times. This can lead to some decreases in efficiency.

Deciding Between Multi Zone or Single Zone Systems

One of the most important decisions you'll need to make when shopping for a new outdoor HVAC unit is whether you will use a single- or multi-zone system. Remember that multi-zone systems are the only systems that can provide for cooling in different rooms via separate air handling units. They are ideal for large residential buildings and commercial businesses. Single-zone systems simply cannot cool these types of spaces effectively.

Multi-zone systems are also ideal for homeowners who want to control the temperature in each individual room. Perhaps you want to turn down the AC in areas that aren't in use at night to save on energy. Maybe you want your kids to sleep in a room that is warmer than your den. Multi-zone units are also ideal for families that always bicker about the temperature. These units allow you to meet the demands of everyone in your family.

Remember that it's essential to ask a professional contractor to prepare load calculations so that you can choose a unit that is the correct size for your space. Buying a correctly sized unit helps to ensure that you stay comfortable without wasting energy. You should also have any new system professionally installed. Only a trained technician can install your unit so that it provides for optimal efficiency and reliability.

Making The Most of Multi-Zone Units

As your Mitsubishi Electric Contractors, we're happy to help you with all of your heating and cooling needs. We can help you select and install a multi-zone system designed to provide for year-round comfort in your home or business.

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