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What is a Multi Split Air Conditioner?

Today's ductless air conditioners have more features than ever. In years past, they were primarily used in homes that didn't have existing ductwork. While people still turn to them for this reason, they also do so to take advantage of many other exciting benefits.

Ductless systems are also known as mini split systems. A basic mini split system is capable of heating and cooling small areas. Multiple indoor blowers can be installed, so this type of system can be used to heat many parts of a home. With a basic system, however, temperature controls are installed in each room. Multi split air conditioners offer zone control, which means that you can control the temperature of each room through a single temp control.

How Do Ductless Split Systems Work?

It's easy to understand how a traditional forced-air furnace and central air conditioner works. Such equipment forces heated and cooled air through ducts that then deliver it to various parts of the home via registers. Ductless split systems don't use ducts at all. Instead, one or more outdoor units are mounted outside the home, and one or more indoor blower units are installed inside it. Suction lines, refrigerant lines and power cables run between the indoor and outdoor components. At the very most, small holes must be drilled into walls to make these connections. Indoor units may be mounted high up on walls, on ceilings or on floors. Mini split systems and multi split systems may be controlled by remote temp controls for added convenience.

What is a Multi Split Air Conditioner?

There are many multi split air conditioners on the market today, and a variety of features is available. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are ideal because they boast the latest innovations. The majority of multi split air conditioners by Mitsubishi Electric feature the following:

  • Inverter Technology - If you've ever used a regular forced-air heating and cooling system, you know how frequently such equipment starts and stops. When the thermostat senses that more heated or cooled air is needed, the compressor kicks on. When the thermostat senses that the correct temperature has been achieved, the compressor kicks off. Significant amounts of energy are consumed every time the compressor turns off and on. Inverter technology, which is also known as variable-speed technology, eliminates this issue by allowing the compressor to operate at variable speeds. Equipment slows down and speeds up as needed to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.
  • Heat Pumps - While considering a multi split air conditioner vs. mini split air conditioner, you will notice that both options have plenty of similarities. For instance, they both rely on heat pumps to heat and cool the air. Heat pumps are prized for their energy-efficient operation. They use a lot less energy than traditional furnaces and air conditioners because they work with heat's natural tendency to move from warm areas to cool ones. A small amount of electricity is needed to move the process along. The heat pumps that are used in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are reversible models, which means they reverse the process using small amounts of extra energy, which allows them to both heat and cool a room.
  • Sensors - Inverter technology goes a long way toward maintaining a consistent temperature. Specialized sensors improve upon this even more. They detect small changes in temperature and automatically make adjustments accordingly. In multi split systems, these sensors are located in each room, which ensures that the correct temperature is maintained in every zone.

Multi Split Air Conditioner vs. Mini Split Air Conditioner

Both multi split air conditioners and mini split air conditioners can heat and cool multiple rooms or areas in a home. The key difference between the two is that you can set different temperatures for different rooms with a multi split system while the same temperature applies to all rooms with a mini split system.

How Much do Multi Split Systems Cost?

Multi split systems are customized to suit customers' specific needs. Therefore, there are no set prices. The only way to determine how much such a system will cost is by getting a quote. Mitsubishi Electric Contractors are located around the country. A local dealer can help you determine how much you can expect to pay for one of these innovative heating and cooling solutions.

In an effort to save money, you may be wondering how to install a multi split system. This isn't a do-it-yourself project. Careful thought and consideration must be used to determine the correct equipment capacities and to figure out where all of the components should be installed. Talented technicians will be able to install your ductless system in a way that ensures optimal year-round comfort.

The first step to enjoying the benefits of a state-of-the-art multi split air conditioning system is by contacting a Mitsubishi Electric contractor in your area and requesting a free estimate. The dealer will come out and assess your home and find out what you're looking for in a ductless system. With this information, an accurate estimate will be formulated.

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