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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Ductless air conditioners are characterized by their exceptional efficiency, quiet operation and unique flexibility. Since AC system design is not restricted because of cumbersome ductwork, conditioned air can be delivered into virtually any space by simply installing a stylish ceiling or wall mount indoor unit.

By eliminating the air distribution materials and the associated labor for installation, ductless air conditioner cost is often competitive with conventional AC systems. After comparing maintenance requirements and operational expenses, many homeowners conclude that their ductless air conditioner price concerns were unfounded.

As with any HVAC appliance, it is important that a ductless installation is completed by a licensed and qualified heating and cooling dealer. Homeowners and handymen do not have the expertise required to complete the electrical connections and charge the system with refrigerant. An improper installation can void the warranty and cause permanent damage to the equipment. Mitsubishi Electric contractors are factory trained and have the knowledge and experience to install ductless air conditioning professionally, economically and with minimal disruption to the customer’s lifestyle.

Find a Local Installer and Schedule an In-Home Consultation

While ductless air conditioners are extremely popular in many parts of the world, U.S. consumers may be less familiar with the technology. A local Mitsubishi Electric contractor can answer any questions and explain the steps involved in the ductless AC installation process. In addition to determining the right system size and placement options for the equipment, consultants can help identify inexpensive ways to improve the overall efficiency of the building.

Select and Size Your System

Prior to selecting the equipment, a qualified dealer will run a complete set of load calculations to determine the precise capacity requirements for each heating and cooling zone. Indoor units are available in half ton increments up to 2 ½ ton capacities. Outdoor condensing units are matched to meet the total combined load of the indoor units. Proper ductless sizing is critical for optimal comfort, performance and humidity control.

Install the Outdoor Unit

The installation of the outdoor condensing unit is a relatively straightforward process. A concrete pad should be poured on a level base no closer than one foot from an exterior wall. Polyethylene or reinforced rubber pads can also be used in lieu of concrete. Unit connectors must face the house, and the vents should not be blocked by shrubbery or other obstructions.

Run the Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines are made of copper and insulated with closed cell rubber foam. They are usually shielded by a conduit that runs alongside the condensate drain and power cable. Along with the refrigerant lines and the electrical wires, the defrost wire should run from the condensing unit to the site of the indoor installation.

Install the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit will be installed high on an interior wall or in the ceiling, depending on the style of fan coil that is chosen. A 3-inch hole must be drilled through an exterior wall directly behind the location where the unit will be positioned. Couplings are attached to connect the indoor and outdoor units, and the electrical connections are completed.

Finally, the system is charged with refrigerant and tested to confirm it is operating to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Enjoy your Mitsubishi Electric System!

As homeowners enjoy the many benefits of zoned heating and cooling, they are impressed by the relatively low cost to install ductless air conditioning. There are several available convenience features including wireless remote controls, advanced filtration and wired thermostats.

For the highest level of performance and efficiency, Mitsubishi offers a complete line of ductless HVAC equipment designed to meet any heating and air conditioning challenge.

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