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Kansas derives its name from the Kansa Native American tribe living in the area in the 1600s. Although countless wagons heading west passed through Kansas on the Santa Fe Trail as early as 1822, it was not until the 1830s that the first European Americans arrived to settle the lush prairies. After the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, abolitionists and pro-slavery settlers arrived in droves to decide whether the territory would become a slave or free state. The violence that erupted between the two groups earned the territory the nickname Bleeding Kansas. Kansas joined the Union as a free state on Jan. 29, 1861. Dodge City, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson are well-known names in Kansas’ history.


Kansas is literally the center of America. A site near Lebanon is the geographic center of the continental states, and the state is equidistant from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It covers more than 82,000 square miles, half of which is water, and ranks 15th in the United States in geographic size. Elevation ranges from 679 feet in the east to 4,041 feet in the west. The western two-thirds of Kansas are part of the central Great Plains. Eastern Kansas features hills and forests. The primary rivers are the Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas rivers. Four western counties are in the Mountain time zone; the remaining counties are on Central time.


Eastern Kansas has a humid continental climate, Western Kansas has a semiarid steppe climate and the south-central and southeastern areas have a humid subtropical climate. These climates often collide, resulting in severe thunderstorms which spawn F3 or higher tornadoes. The state averages more than 50 tornadoes a year. Average rainfall is 47 inches in southern areas and 16 inches in the west. Snowfall ranges from 5 inches in the south to 35 inches in the northwest.


Kansas has a population of over 2.85 million and ranks 33rd in the United States; it ranks 40th in population density. The largest city is Wichita; the capital is Topeka.
Religious affiliations are diverse and include Protestants, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness. Catholics are the largest Protestant group.

Major industries include agriculture, aircraft manufacturing and education. Kansas ranks sixth in the country in agricultural production with wheat being the No. 1 crop. Median household income is $50,594. Kansas has a home ownership rate of 69 percent with a median housing value of $125,500.


Kansas features 10 sites under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, including the Pony Express and Lewis and Clark national trails. A number of historical sites depict the state’s rich history. Museums, boating and camping are other activities Kansas has in abundance. Professional sports include Major League Soccer, baseball, indoor football and hockey. The Kansas Speedway and Heartland Park Topeka feature NASCAR and drag racing.

Ductless Air Conditioning Kansas

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