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When Should You Consider a Ductless System for Your Home?

ductless air conditioningRoom additions are one of those home design elements where it just makes sense to consider a ductless system. Whether you've built a new room, expanded part of the house or finished your attic or basement, there are certain times when ductless heating and cooling is the perfect solution.

Insufficient System Size

Your current air conditioner and furnace were sized for your home as it was when the systems were installed. They may not have the capacity to cool and heat the extra space you've added. Even if you can extend the ductwork, running your current system with a larger house is likely to leave your home less comfortable and wear out your system early. A new ductless system can be sized to precisely meet the needs of the additional space.

Different Temperature Needs

Even if your current system has the capacity for more space, it may not be sufficient if the new space has very different cooling and heating demands from the rest of the house. Just being far away from the air handler can make your new room addition hard to keep cool or warm. Large windows, a high ceiling or a loft can also give your new room different temperature needs.

For these spaces, consider a ductless system, which will allow you to control temperatures in the room addition separately so the new room always gets just the right amount of cool or warm air.

Local Regulations

In some locations, a cooling and heating system can't be expanded legally unless the whole system is upgraded to meet modern efficiency standards. This could mean having to replace the outdoor unit and much of the ductwork. If these laws apply to your area and an upgrade isn't in your budget, a ductless system provides an affordable alternative.

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