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Pollen, Dust Mites and Dander: Combat Biological Pollutants to Improve IAQ

It's allergy season. Your nose is continually stuffed up, and you can't stop sneezing. The air is full of pollen, dust mites and a host of other biological pollutants. So what do you do about it? How can you get rid of these contaminants and improve indoor air quality in your home? Here are a few tips.

Controlling Moisture

Many biological pollutants, such as mold and mildew, are fostered in an environment with excessive moisture. The best way to combat those pollutants is to keep moisture levels in your home under control. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Run the HVAC system. The furnace or A/C dehumidifies, as well as filters the air as it runs through the system, making the whole house significantly drier and cleaner.
  • Check for leaks. Is water coming into your home from outside? You'll need to find the leaks and contact a professional to help you seal them. In particular, check around all pipes, especially near bathtubs and sinks, to locate the leak.
  • Use exhaust fans. Bathrooms are always full or moisture, and the kitchen gets hot and steamy when you cook dinner. An exhaust fan in both of these rooms can remove this excess moisture and vent it to the outside.

Controlling Dust

Moisture is only half the battle. To improve indoor air quality, you also need to eliminate dust. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Clean house. Dust and vacuum your home regularly to keep it clean and reduce the amount of contaminants in your surroundings.
  • Wash bedding regularly. Sheets and blankets are a magnet for dust mites. Wash bedding every week in water that's at least 130 degrees.
  • Use synthetics. Dust mites have a harder time living in foam rubber than they do in, say, wool and feather. Biological pollutants thrive in biological environments, so using synthetics around the home whenever you can will help eliminate these pollutants.

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