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5 Ways Homeowners Accidentally Void the Warranty on Their Heating and Cooling System

If you're planning to install a new HVAC system, the last thing you want to do is void an HVAC warranty. Although today's HVAC equipment is rugged and built for years of use, problems can arise. With a valid and active warranty, you'll have the protection that Mitsubishi offers. 

Common Ways Homeowners Void an HVAC Warranty

  • Forgetting to register the equipment - Be sure you register the warranty for the new system shortly after it's installed, following all the instructions. If you're buying a home that has an active warranty on the equipment, ask the seller or the realtor if it's transferable and if so, how to go about putting it in your name.
  • Using unauthorized parts - Using parts that Mitsubishi hasn't approved for use in the system can void the warranty. There's simply no way of verifying that the part is compatible or that it's production quality was high
  • Not having a licensed HVAC contractor install it - Regardless of the degree of complexity of the installation, manufacturers require that their equipment is installed by a licensed and often factory-authorized HVAC contractor. These systems use high voltage parts and refrigerants that require licenses to handle. Hiring someone or a company to install it without these licenses will void an HVAC warranty.
  • Lack of annual maintenance - All HVAC equipment needs annual maintenance to run as the manufacturer intended. These systems create vibrations as they run that can loosen the parts, and they're subject to environmental factors, like indoor and outdoor dust and dirt, along with moisture. Skipping annual maintenance and not changing the air filters will make the system run when it's dirty and out of adjustment, which stresses all its parts. Running your system with a dirty filter increases its energy consumption and wears components faster.
  • No proof of maintenance - It's important to keep the receipts for all tune-ups and repairs, as well as for any air filters you've purchased as proof of maintenance.

To learn more about how not to void an HVAC warranty, or for other home comfort concerns, contact Mitsubishi Electrical Contractors, providing homeowners across the U.S. with outstanding HVAC products and services.

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