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Sizing a Ductless Heat Pump Correctly Has a Big Impact on the Equipment’s Usefulness

Any time you are installing home comfort equipment, you certainly want maximum performance and efficiency from your investment. Selecting the best system to serve your project is important, of course, but it is not the first step. Begin by working with a ductless systems contractor who understands that sizing a ductless heat pump correctly and installing it for best performance are the criteria that define a successful project.

Why Sizing Is Important

Top ductless heat pump systems are designed to deliver exceptional energy efficiency, comfortable air conditioning and good indoor air quality with high-tech components and engineering improvements spanning decades. However, the most efficient ductless systems on the market won’t deliver maximum performance and efficiency if they are the wrong size for the space to be conditioned. Moreover, you may be paying extra for an over-sized unit.

The indoor air-handling unit (AHU) must be installed for optimal performance, too. The location of the AHU affects conditioned airflow, air filtering and humidity levels in the zone. Your ductless systems installer should provide multiple options for installation location so you may also consider interior design aspects to suit your tastes.

Sizing a Ductless Heat Pump

HVAC-industry best practices for load calculation and heat pump sizing are outlined in Manuals J and S by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). There are dozens of measurements and calculations needed for accurately assessing heat gain/loss (Manual J) and system selection (Manual S). Some of the steps involved include determining insulation properties and air leakage rate of the zone, considering window number and size, home occupancy and the intended use and location of the zone.

The configuration of your ductless heat pump matters, too. Are you installing a mini-split ductless system with one AHU? Or, are you installing a multi-split ductless system with multiple AHUs, which requires more precise measurements, assessments and calculations of the zones and home. This also means that each ductless installation is unique.

For best results sizing a ductless heat pump, system selection and installation, contact us to speak with a factory authorized and licensed Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near your home.

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