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A 3-Step Checklist to Complete Before Upgrading a Home Heating System

The decisions you make before upgrading a heating system will dictate your comfort and heating costs over the system's lifetime. Taking these three steps first will assure you that you've made the right choices during each critical component of the process. 

Energy Audits

Scheduling a home energy audit with a professional can turn up areas in your home or space where you need heating that could be easily improved to reduce the amount of heat you need. Energy audits involve measuring the insulation levels throughout your home or the specific area to heat and determining the air infiltration rates. Sealing air leaks and improving insulation are the two best ways to increase energy efficiency, reducing the required system size and long-term energy consumption. 

Licensed HVAC Contractors

In order to keep the warranty active, Mitsubishi Electric requires that a licensed HVAC contractor install the heating system. Although you might be able to prepare for some of its installation, the final work needs to be completed by an authorized, trained and licensed HVAC contractor to assure this complicated system will perform at its highest efficiency. 

Depending on winter temperatures, you may need to choose a heating system that has unique features to give you optimal levels of heat throughout the heating season, knowledge that your local Mitsubishi expert has. Improper installation can cause higher energy bills, less satisfaction, and leave you financially vulnerable in the event of a problem with the equipment.

Load Calculations

The last step before upgrading a heating system is to conduct a load calculation of your home or space. This calculation involves a thorough analysis of the layout, its energy efficiency, your thermal preferences and lifestyle factors. The HVAC contractor will use software called Manual J to arrive at the exact size it needs to be, using some of the information that the energy audit turned up, along with your subsequent energy efficiency improvements.

For more information before upgrading a heating system, contact Mitsubishi Electric Contractors to find an authorized and licensed HVAC provider in your local area. 


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