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How Ductless ACs Can Lower Energy Costs

If you're looking to reduce your home cooling costs, ductless air conditioning may be the way to go. Ductless air conditioners are quiet, energy-efficient systems that have been increasing in popularity in recent years. They allow you to improve the comfort level in each individual room in your home while increasing your overall home efficiency.

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

A central air conditioning system has a central indoor blower connected to an outdoor compressor. Air is sent throughout your home using ducts. Ductless air conditioners eliminate the ducts by having an indoor blower for each room. Each room or small group of rooms in your home has its own compressor. These sets of indoor blowers and outdoor compressors run independently with their own temperature controls.

How Ductless Air Conditioning Decreases Your Home Cooling Costs

Having separate temperature controls for different areas of your home allows you to reduce your overall energy usage. With a central air conditioning system, if you want to lower the temperature to 72 degrees in a single room you have to cool your entire home to 72 degrees. With a ductless system, you only need to adjust the thermostat for that individual room. Unused rooms can remain off or can be set to a higher temperature that provides just enough air conditioning to keep humidity levels down.

Ductless systems also provide energy savings by eliminating energy loss in the ducts. Ducts are typically located in a hot attic, and the air passing through them can heat up as it flows from the blower to the vents. Ducts are also prone to developing leaks over time that send cooled air into the attic instead of into the home and force the AC to run longer to reach the desired temperature.

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