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Keep Your Man Cave Cool

Ductless ACs can keep man caves "cool."There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in the very space designed for leisure. Man caves are often relegated to the fringe of the house: the shed, the basement or the sunroom, and keeping them cool can be a challenge. To maintain the temperature in your man cave, choose an appropriate cooling system for the area.

Room AC Options for a Man Cave

If a man cave is created as an addition to the home or in a freestanding structure, such as a garage, it will need to have its own air conditioning system. Some options for keeping the space cool are:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Ductless AC
  • Window AC units

Ceiling Fans vs. Air Conditioning

A ceiling fan can keep a man cave cool in milder environments. Combined with open windows and fresh air, a fan can provide all the cooling necessary. However, ceiling fans only cool the people in the room; they don’t lower the temperature in the room, which means electronics won’t be kept at a stable temperature and humidity can gather in the room. An air conditioner can maintain a climate-controlled area and keep out the extra humidity.

Window AC Units

Portable air conditioners and window units are one cooling solution for home additions and can be installed by just about anyone. Depending on the capacity, a window or portable air conditioner can cool up to 1,000 square feet. However, they take up space and are prominent in the room. To complicate matters, window units are very noisy, which can get in the way of enjoying that man cave.

Ductless AC Systems

A ductless air conditioning system can be installed in any room in the house or in an outlying structure. Because no ductwork is necessary to install this type of system, putting it in place is relatively simple. An outdoor unit is connected to cooling units inside the building with narrow conduits that house wires and pipes. In most cases, it’s only necessary to drill approximately a three-inch hole in the wall to feed the conduit through. The indoor units can be turned on and off independently of one another.

Since ductless units don't require a lot of home alerations to install, they are often the superior choice for man cave comfort. If a heat pump is considered, this single device can provide reliable cooling and heating year-round, too.

Not sure where to turn to explore the benefits of going ductless in your man cave? Just use our site to find a ductless AC contractor near you.

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