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Can I Program a Ductless AC for Savings?

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer great energy savings thanks to their unique design and high efficiency ratings. However, the savings don't have to end with the installation of a new ductless system. Choosing the right thermostat settings during the cooling season can also make a big difference when it comes to saving with ductless.

Program Your Thermostat for Savings

The first step in increasing your energy savings with a ductless system is to choose the right thermostat. Most homeowners will benefit from programmable thermostats, which provide for flexible savings options. With these types of thermostats, you can create a wide range of heating and cooling programs. Use these programs to ensure that your system is only cooling your space when you'll be able to enjoy the cooled air.

Some thermostats even come with handheld controllers or wireless control options. You might choose one of these thermostats if you want to control the temperature in your child's room from the kitchen or if you don't want to get up during the night to change thermostat settings. These controllers are also ideal for individuals with limited mobility.

The Best AC Thermostat Settings

Once you've chosen a thermostat for your home, you can utilize it to boost energy savings. After all, learning how to use your thermostat wisely is key to realizing energy savings. To make the most of ductless air conditioners, homeowners should:

  • Set their thermostats between 76 and 78 degrees in the summer.
  • Use programs to cool a space only when it will be in use.
  • Raise the temperature by a few degrees during the night.
  • Avoid abruptly raising or lowering temperatures as it won't cool a space any faster and may overwork ductless systems.
  • Set special cooling programs during vacations.
  • Use zoned systems to control the temperature in individual rooms.

When used wisely, a ductless cooling system can provide for excellent energy savings. If you'd like to learn more about making the most out of your ductless system or want to have a new system installed in your home, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling dealer today.

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