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What is a Multi-Split AC?

Even though ductless heat pumps and air conditioners have been growing in popularity for decades, many homeowners are still confused as to what exactly they are. That's understandable: The HVAC industry is constantly changing, and it's easy to be left behind by the latest development. The truth is that multi split systems are some of the most efficient and flexible systems on the market today, and they're well-suited for many homes.

How a Multi Split System Works

Ductless air conditioners use the same cooling cycle as any other air conditioner. At the evaporator coil, refrigerant chemicals absorb heat from the indoor air and become gaseous; at the condenser coil, the refrigerant vapor is compressed and becomes liquid again, releasing heat outside the home. The cycle repeats until the home has reached the target temperature.

Multi split systems consist of a single outdoor unit and up to four indoor units. Special conduits carry refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor units, and the system as a whole has the following key features:

  • Inverter Technology: A ductless system uses a special variable-speed compressor to match the home's cooling needs on the fly. This eliminates the constant cycling on and off that comes with window and central air conditioners, improving comfort and saving electricity.
  • Direct Cooling: One of the advantages of having a ductless system is the elimination of duct leaks. Central air conditioners lose 20 to 30 percent of their cooling power in the ducts; ductless systems, of course, lose nothing at all.
  • Quiet Operation: In addition to being compact and unobtrusive, multi splits run almost silently.

Advantages of a Multi Split

Because a multi split has several indoor units, it allows for easy air conditioning zoning. The homeowner can adjust the temperature in different rooms to better suit the needs of different members of the family, or turn off cooling entirely in an unused space to save power. Zoning is one of the most powerful ways to maximize both comfort and efficiency.

If you're ready to upgrade to a multi split air conditioner, you'll need a local ductless expert to help you choose and install your new system. We'll help you connect with an authorized Mitsubishi Electric contractor in your area who can assess your home's cooling needs and recommend the perfect multi split.

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