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Do Ductless ACs Require Maintenance?

As you consider the installation of a ductless air conditioning system, you may be concerned about the maintenance tasks that are needed to keep the equipment operating correctly. A combination of personal and professional tasks are recommended if you want your system to continue to operate efficiently. Additionally, these efforts may extend the life of your system, allowing you to enjoy outstanding comfort control benefits for many years to come.

Personal Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

There are two important maintenance needs to complete quarterly. Each indoor unit of your system has its own re-usable filter, and each needs to be cleaned to promote good airflow through the respective unit. If you find that any of the filters are particularly clogged, you may want to increase the frequency of filter cleanings.

You should also take time each quarter to clean the coils of indoor and outdoor units. Using a damp rag, you can wipe away dust and debris that may have accumulated as you promote optimum system performance. The coils play an integral role in the heat exchange process needed to change the temperature of indoor air, and a layer of dirt can result in insufficient temperature moderation. This can also stress your system's compressor. If you live in an environment that is dusty, you may want to increase the frequency of both your coil cleaning and filter cleaning efforts.

It's important to monitor conditions around your outdoor unit from time to time, as well. Check your condenser after storms to be sure that the unit is clear of debris that may have blown into the area. Trim vegetation to keep it away from the condenser as well. You can also use a hose to spray dirt from the unit.

Professional Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance

Prior to seasonal use of your ductless home comfort system, it is recommended that you have a professional inspection and tune-up of your equipment. Any mechanical system is prone to wear and tear, and making a professional tune-up a priority allows you the opportunity to deal with small problems before they result in major repair needs. In some cases, ductless equipment can last for up to 20 years, making the time invested in both personal and professional maintenance worthwhile.

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