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Sizing Your Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner: Some Tips

Make sure your ductless HVAC is properly sized.Correctly sizing your ductless mini split air conditioner is a process that can save money on purchase and installation costs, as well as help your new system perform to its potential. Use these tips to optimize installation, save energy and drive comfort.

Prepare for Comfort and Efficiency

The first step of the sizing process begins in the home. Tightening up your home to prevent heat loss/gain through leaks and inadequate insulation is priority number one. Use weatherstripping to seal leaks around windows, doors and the attic access door. Boost attic insulation to R-60.

Sizing by the Books

The HVAC industry protocol for proper load calculations and system sizing are Manuals J and S, respectively, from the Air Conditioning Contractor of America (ACCA). Manual J is used to collect and calculate information regarding heat gain/loss, room by room, to determine the load of each room and home. Following are some of the required information:

  • Window sizes and numbers
  • Building materials used
  • Sealing and insulation properties
  • Orientation to the sun
  • Local weather averages, highs and lows
  • Floor plan and square footage

It's best to let a qualified, licensed HVAC contractor perform the load calculation for you. This is a science that calls for proper training.

Ductless System Selection

Once the load calculation and efficiency upgrades are completed, work with your HVAC professional to select the system that will serve your needs. If you're considering more than one system based on efficiency ratings and price, ask your HVAC pro to perform a cost analysis to determine the estimated maintenance, operating and repair expenses for the system’s lifetime. That is the true cost, not the price tag.

All these elements and more are weighed and examined specific to your home and project. For more information about sizing a ductless mini split air conditioner, contact a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor in your region.

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