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Installing a Ductless Mini Split: Most Steps Best Left to a Pro

A properly installed ductless mini split can keep your family comfortable at home.Using a ductless mini split for conditioning hard-to-reach areas of the home with zoned comfort and energy savings is a delight. Self-installing a ductless system and expecting professional results is an entirely different matter that could lead to poor performance and inefficient components. Read on to see how to prep your home and leave the technical installation steps to your Mitsubishi Electric Contractor.

Investment in Comfort and Efficiency

A ductless mini split offers sleek components that fit just about any interior design specifications and deliver zoned temperature control which maximizes comfort and is easy on the energy budget. To enjoy all the benefits ductless systems offer, the mini or multi split must be correctly installed in an efficient home. These are useful steps you can perform to ensure your investment is a wise and happy one.

  • Write down the comfort issues you experience in the home.
  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors and consider boosting insulation levels to the appropriate amount, if needed.
  • Decide upon the location outside the home where you would like the compressor/condenser unit installed. It requires firm footing on a small concrete slab or mounting to the home shell.

The conduit piping needs two small holes to connect the outside and indoor AHU. The holes should be about three inches diameter; one located through the home shell near the outside unit and the other located where the AHU will be installed.

Professional Installation

A Mitsubishi ductless mini split uses sophisticated electronics and inverter-driven compressors, as well as other components, to deliver exceptional heating and cooling efficiency. Here’s what your HVAC pro does:

  • Components must be properly installed and tested.
  • Refrigerant is checked. Coils and refrigerant lines are checked for leaks.
  • Condensate drainage is properly installed and tested to ensure no water leaks occur inside the home.
  • Complete system diagnostics is performed to ensure all systems -- one dependent upon the next -- are in good working order, including controls, super-heat/cool temperatures, sensors and more.

For professional installation of your ductless mini split, contact a certified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near your home.

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