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How Ductless System Filtration Keeps You and Your Family Breathing Easy

The air quality inside a home affects the comfort and health of occupants (especially those with respiratory issues), impacts HVAC system components, and plays a role regarding the proliferation of musty mold and mildew growth and odors. That’s a tall order to fill for most HVAC filters, but not too tall for compact ductless system filtration components. Here’s why.

Ductless System Filtration

A ductless system is point-of-use heat pump or A/C, with a compact compressor/condenser unit outside the home, a thin conduit routed through walls, attic and crawl space, and a sleek indoor air-handling unit (AHU) typically mounted high on walls or the ceiling. 

All Mitsubishi Electric AHUs are outfitted with advanced air filtration components that are essentially room (zone) air cleaners. The air filtration components are located inside the AHU behind an easy-access panel for easy cleaning. All you do is slide the filters out of the slot, rinse and hand wash under warm water, air dry and replace. 

Mitsubishi filters offer three-phase filtration for capturing contaminants, neutralizing odors and disinfecting the air of viruses, germs and bacteria in the zone which the AHU is installed. This is how it works:

  • A multi-speed fan pulls zoned air into the AHU.
  • The air enters the filtration components.
  • A hybrid catechin filter neutralizes odors.
  • Viruses, bacteria and germs are reduced or destroyed by a blue-enzyme, anti-allergen filter. This filter also captures particles, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mite parts and other allergens and contaminants.
  • With regular care, the filters should last up to 10 years, saving you money, protecting AHU parts and providing easier and more healthful breathing inside your home.

More Benefits of Ductless Systems

The same contaminants that are aloft inside the home may be circulating through the air ducts in forced-air systems, if they are not captured by the filter. Ductless systems render all these issues non-existent, since there are no air ducts. 

If you would like to breathe easier with ductless system filtration, and enjoy all the comfort and energy savings ductless systems offer, contact us to speak with a ductless systems HVAC professional near you.

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