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Heat Loss May Be the Reason Your Mini Split Can't Do Its Job

An efficient heating and cooling system, such as a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini- and multi-split system, can boost the home-comfort experience and lower energy bills, but only if the home system in which it's installed is buttoned up to prevent excessive heat loss.

Use these straightforward do-it-yourself suggestions for sealing your home and maximizing the performance of your ductless system. Or, for best results, request a home energy audit from your certified Mitsubishi Electric contractor.

Heat Loss Remedies

Heat loss may occur by air leaks and conduction (heat transfer) through walls, pipes, windows, the ceiling and more. The following sealing and insulation tips and techniques will help reduce your energy bill, lighten the load on your current system or permit optimal sizing of a new ductless system and many last for the life of your home, which is a smart investment.

  • Sealing the envelope may be accomplished with caulk, weatherstripping and spray foam. Spray foam is used for larger holes and gaps that are too large for caulk. Common areas include gaps around piping, wiring and the foundation. It’s vital to seal the attic access door. Use weatherstripping for this and also for exterior access doors to the home. Caulk cracks and gaps around windows.
  • Insulation is essential to hinder heat transfer through the ceiling, roof, walls and floor. Don’t be shy to roll out attic insulation to R60 no matter which region you live. Use loose fill for wall cavities, and rolls or batts for the floor.
  • Wrap fiberglass strips around the inlet and outlet pipes of the hot water tank, as well as wrap all hot water pipes in the home.
  • Heavy window coverings help prevent heat gain/loss, depending on the season. Open drapes on sunny days during the heating months and at night during cooling months. Keep drapes closed at night during heating months and during the daytime in the cooling months.
  • Keep the chimney or flue damper closed when you are not using the fireplace or wood-burning stove. 

For assistance with heat loss remedies, please contact us to speak with a certified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near your home.

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