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Portable vs. Ductless Heating Systems - A Comparison

It shouldn't come as a surprise that heating single rooms instead of your entire home is a great way to save on winter energy bills. Rather than keeping your entire house an uncomfortable 68 degrees, you can set the rooms you're using into the 70s and the remaining rooms in the lower 60s to save energy overall. The two most common ways to do this are with portable heaters or with ductless heating systems. Here's a comparison:

Portable Heaters

The most common type of portable heater is the space heater. Like its name suggests, it heats the space around it. Gas and electric options are available, but electric is far more common because of the need to have adequate venting for fuel-based heaters.

Portable heaters are great for heating up a small area quickly and can easily be moved from room to room. This portability is also their downside, as they aren't made to blend in with a room and need to be placed away from walls and furniture to avoid a fire hazard. In addition to being ugly, portable heaters also create a tripping hazard and can be easily knocked over.

Ductless Heating

Ductless heating systems are permanently installed. They can be used as the sole source of heat for an entire home or to supplement the heat in a single room. Ductless heating systems work in zones that can be as small as a single room, so only the occupied zones need to be turned on at a given time.

In addition to being energy efficient, ductless systems are quiet. The loudest components are located in an outside condenser unit that is connect to the indoor unit by a small tube run through the wall. The indoor units are designed to be placed along the floor or hung on a wall to blend in with your decor and be out of your way.

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