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Ductless Systems Have Many Advantages

Ductless systems have been available for years, but are only now beginning to catch on within the United States. Why? Because they offer several distinct advantages over other types of heating and cooling systems. Advantages include:

  • Energy efficiency. With central heating and cooling, you have one thermostat that controls the comfort of your entire home. Unfortunately, not every room has the same heating and cooling needs, and not every area is occupied consistently. This means you waste money conditioning areas that don't really need it. Ductless systems work in zones that can be as specific as a single room, each with its own dedicated thermostat. This enables you to heat and cool each zone as needed, and the energy savings are substantial.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Over time, the dust and dirt that escapes your air filter collects in your ductwork and ends up polluting your freshly heated or cooled air. Ductless air conditioners don't have this problem, they also have a filter in each unit to provide filtration in each room.
  • Easy installation. The process of adding or replacing ductwork can be complicated and costly. Ductless installation is as simple as hanging the indoor unit on the wall and drilling a small hole in the wall to run the tubing to the outdoor unit.
  • Cost effective. Ductless systems eliminate the cost of installing, maintaining and replacing ductwork. Plus, they often pay for themselves within a few years due to the long-term energy efficiency they provide.
  • Quiet and hidden. In contrast to other single room solutions such as window air conditioners and portable heaters, ductless heaters are both quiet and unobtrusive. The condenser is placed outside to reduce noise, and the inside unit can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to save floor space.

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