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Using That Programmable Thermostat Properly Will Help Your Ductless System

If you have a ductless system installed in your home, utilizing a programmable thermostat can help improve your heating and cooling system's efficiency and help optimize your comfort. This home comfort tool allows you to preset your household's heating and cooling schedules. To maximize their energy savings, consider adhering to the following proper-use guidelines for programmable thermostats.

  • Program your thermostat at its energy saving set points for long periods of time, preferably eight hours or more. For example, have one established set point for when family members are away at work or school and another when the household is in bed.
  • Avoid abruptly cranking your programmable thermostat to highs of 90 degrees or lows of 40 degrees. This does not heat or cool your house any faster, and can overwork your ductless system causing the need for premature repairs and replacements. Set points on programmable thermostats allow your system to begin heating or cooling at a set time in order to reach your desired temperatures shortly thereafter.
  • With a ductless system, your home can be separated into multiple heating and cooling zones. Use programmed setback thermostats for each of your home's zones and set each thermostat based on how often each zone is used, as well as other location factors that might impact the heating and cooling effectiveness of a room. For example, if you have an office that is rarely used, you might want to program your thermostat to only heat or cool that room when occupied. By programming thermostats based on zone needs you can maximize your indoor comfort, increase energy savings and create an overall more efficient system.
  • Avoid using any "hold" or "override" settings that allow you to temporarily make a zone colder or warmer without switching off pre-set programs. Frequent use of "hold" and "override" features can significantly increase your energy usage, causing unwanted spikes in your home utility bills.

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