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Last Chance to Take Advantage of Federal Tax Credits on Efficient Upgrades

Have you heard about the Federal 25C energy tax credits? Homeowners may eligible for up to $500 credit for qualifying high-efficiency HVAC systems, such as a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system, and home-efficiency upgrades for air sealing and insulating. But you've got to act before the end of the year 2013.

Federal 25C Energy Tax Credit

The federal 25C energy tax credits are a full credit, not a deductible, which may be applied toward your income taxes. These are the basic eligibility guidelines:

  • The $500 tax credits may be reached by combining credits for qualifying heating and/or cooling systems and home-efficiency upgrades.
  • A ductless heat pump must meet or exceed 8.5 HSPF (heating efficiency) and 15 SEER (cooling efficiency). A ductless cooling system must meet or exceed 16 SEER.
  • The tax credit for either a ductless heat pump or A/C meeting the minimum efficiency criteria is $300.
  • Home-efficiency materials for air sealing and insulating qualify for 10 percent of costs up to $500.

Do Ductless Systems Qualify?

Mitsubishi Electric features many ductless systems from which to choose that easily qualify for the tax credits. In fact, Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems have led the HVAC industry in ductless innovation since inventing the systems in the 1970s. These are a some of the features which make Mitsubishi Electric systems tax-credit eligible, and exceptional heating and cooling solutions for new additions, remodels and retrofits:

  • Inverter-driven technology uses substantially less electricity than fixed-state compressors by adjusting output in correlation with heating and cooling load in real time.
  • Advanced computerized sensors monitor system performance for maximum heat exchange (heating and cooling), and monitor room temperatures from the floor to the ceiling, identifying hot and cold spots and adjusting airflow as needed.
  • Advanced coil design and new high-efficiency R410A refrigerant provides comfortable heating and cooling, and allows for greater installation options, extending the possible length between the outdoor unit and each indoor air-handling unit for more versatile installation.

For more information about the 25C tax credits, qualifying ductless installations and home-efficiency upgrades with sealing and insulation, contact us to find a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor in your area.

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