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The Ductless Mini Split: Several Installation Options Are Available

Are you are looking for an alternative to central air conditioning? Do you have a new addition or area in your home not connected to an existing central system? A ductless mini split may be the perfect solution.

A ductless mini split unit will provide heating or cooling to any room or area in your home. These systems have two parts:

  • The indoor unit — the air handler — containing directional fins and a fan.
  • The outdoor unit housing the condenser.

These two-part units work together to provide individualized temperature control for a specific room or area. Systems are available to provide cooling only, or to provide both cooling and heating. Indoor units can be combined in zones for larger areas and still only require one outdoor unit.

There are several options with ductless mini split systems. The size of the unit you need is determined by:

  • Cubic footage of the room.
  • Hours of direct sunlight.
  • Amount of Insulation in the walls and ceiling.
  • The number and type of appliances in the room
  • The room usage.

Other options include the placement of the indoor unit.

Wall Mounted:

  • These units typically are located on the upper third of an exterior wall.
  • Horizontal floor units are available. From this location, these units must work harder to effectively distribute the cooled or heated air. Additionally, their efficiency may be reduced if they should become blocked by furniture.
  • Wall mounted units will extend approximately 12 inches from the wall.

 Ceiling Suspended:

  • This option suspends the unit from a ceiling.
  • Installation is possible on any type of ceiling, making these a very versatile option.
  • Ceiling suspended units extend approximately 10 inches from the ceiling.

Ceiling Cassette:

  • With this option, the indoor unit is recessed into the ceiling. This positioning maximizes airflow.
  • Only the grille is visible, matching the look of a central cooling/heating system vent.
  • Ceiling cassette units may be installed in a 2 x 2-inch ceiling panel or almost any type of drop ceiling.

To select the best option in ductless mini split systems for the individual needs of your home and your family, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric professionals. 


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