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Ductless Mini Splits Offer Many Benefits

Back in the 1950s, when American manufacturers first introduced air conditioning systems to Japan, the units were found to be too large, too noisy and too expensive to operate. The solution was the development of what have come to be known as ductless mini splits. These are specialized heat pump systems, capable of providing both heating and cooling to an indoor space, but without the requirement for air duct installation to distribute the conditioned air.

Ductless mini splits have been popular in many countries since first being introduced to the market in 1964. In the past decade they have also gained great acceptance in the U.S., as they offer numerous benefits compared to conventional central HVAC systems that have traditionally been used in American homes to provide heating and cooling. These include:

  • Ease of installation, since no ductwork is required. The two-component"split" system, consisting of an outside compressor/condenser and an inside air handling unit, requires only a small, 3-inch hole to connect the two. The electric wiring, drain tube and coolant lines are placed in conduit that runs through this small hole.
  • Low-cost operation through the use of variable-speed inverter technology saves energy and expense.
  • Flexibility of installation (no air ducts) makes building design easier and less expensive.
  • Zoning capabilities allow for individually controlling temperatures in as many as four separate spaces.
  • Quiet operation and comfortable temperature delivery, remotely controlled at the touch of a button.


Ductless Is Ideal for Certain Applications


While installation of ductless mini splits may not be desired for every building application, there are certain instances where they are far and away the most efficient, economical option. Here are some of the more common:

  • Heating/cooling a new room addition.
  • Providing conditioned air in detached buildings, garages, basements or attics converted for living occupancy.
  • Retrofitting a system into an existing building that has no ductwork installed.
  • Any installation where the additional expense of ductwork is not desired.

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