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Three Thermostat and Remote Options for Your Home's New Ductless System

Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from ductless systems for affordable comfort in the exact location it’s needed. Such systems require certain thermostat and remote options to best meet your needs. Here’s a look at the three options available to you.

Handheld wireless remotes

All wall- or floor-mounted air handlers from Mitsubishi’s M-series come with this style of remote. The P-series is also compatible with this option. Handheld wireless remotes give you the power of controlling the air temperature without manually changing it on the unit. It’s essential if the air handler is mounted high on the wall. The reception range is limited to a few feet, so these thermostat and remote options make the most sense in the following situations:

Homeowners that have only one air handlerPeople desiring straightforward heating and cooling controlsSmall office applicationsApartment applicationsHotel and guesthouse applications

Remote temperature kits

Mitsubishi’s M- and P-series devices come with a remote temperature controlled kit. RedLINK wireless technology allows the remote to communicate with the air handler no matter where you are. A back-lit display allows for convenient use at night. These thermostat and remote options are ideal for:

Homes with multiple heating and cooling systems that can be controlled from anywhere in the housePeople who want the option to change the temperature without interrupting their activityParents who want to adjust their child’s bedroom temperature without entering and disturbing them

Wired remotes

A wired remote is essentially a thermostat hardwired to the air handler and mounted to the wall, typically near the device itself. Both M- and P-series devices from Mitsubishi work with wired remotes. This option is great for:

Homeowners who want to use multi-zone heating and coolingHomeowners who want to use energy-conserving techniques to cut back on energy consumptionBusiness owners who want to control the temperature throughout the entire building from a central location

Choosing the right thermostat and remote options for your home or business is important to get the most out of your heating and cooling devices. For more expert advice, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric contractor today.

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