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Consider the Benefits of Going Ductless Before You Commit to a Traditional HVAC System

For years, the main option homeowners had when it came to efficiently heating and cooling their home was to choose a traditional HVAC system. While this type of system may be the way to go for some, it is not the best answer for all applications. Customers are now choosing ductless air conditioners or heat pumps for their HVAC needs.

A ductless HVAC unit may be the best answer if one of the following circumstances applies. You are:

  • Heating or cooling a new addition
  • Conditioning detached buildings from the main house
  • Conditioning garages, attics or basements that have been converted into living spaces
  • Replacing systems in older buildings without ductwork
  • In need of heating and cooling in areas where installing ductwork would be cost prohibitive

Most Common Benefits of Going Ductless

There are advantages to going ductless that make this a better option over a traditional system:

  • Ductless systems give you the ability to set up zones with a multi-zone unit because each unit can be controlled separately to maintain different temperatures in different rooms.
  • Many units are more energy efficient than traditional central air systems and may be as high as 40 percent more efficient than a window air conditioner.Some units are eligible for federal tax rebates under the 25C tax credit.
  • Ductless systems produce less noise than window air conditioners or outside HVAC systems. The noise that is produced by the outdoor component of a ductless system is comparable to the noise produced by your refrigerator.
  • Ductless systems are less expensive to install. Without the need to install ductwork, all that is needed to install the indoor component is a hole through the room’s exterior wall to connect it to the outside unit.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with going with a ductless system for your home’s heating and cooling needs. For more additional information concerning the benefits of going ductless, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Dealer in the Kansas or Missouri area.

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