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Air Conditioning

Benefits of Buying Ductless From a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor

It takes no effort to find a local heating and cooling contractor who knows a thing or two about installing a traditional furnace or air conditioner. However, if you’re hoping to enjoy the benefits of a ductless mini split, finding a company to help you select and install the correct components isn’t so simple.

Considering a Ductless Heat Pump? FAQs Posed by Homeowners Nationwide

Ductless systems are gaining in popularity across the nation, though many folks are still unclear about how they work, their advantages and other key questions. Following are some ductless heat pump FAQs that will fill in gaps in knowledge about these high-efficiency comfort systems.

Sleek Looks for Your Home Addition

Planning an addition for your home is an exciting proposition, but it can also be worrisome because you want it to turn out just right. One of the more popular interior design ideas for home additions and renovations is a sleek, modern style that incorporates the latest high-tech upgrades. Among the technology that is worthy of consideration is a state-of-the-art cooling solution for home additions, and ductless AC systems from Mitsubishi are quickly filling this demand. When you find a reliable, licensed dealer while still in the planning phase, you will be able to seamlessly integrate installation into the building process.

3 Signs Ductless is the Right Choice

Ductless HVAC systems make the perfect choice in many circumstances. Find out where these systems really shine.

Ductless Mini Splits Deliver Efficiency in Home Comfort

Find out why ductless mini splits are fast becoming a popular choice for home heating and cooling.

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Air Quality

Seven Completely Natural Ways to Improve IAQ

According to WebMD, indoor air quality (IAQ) issues are a national public health problem. When your indoor air quality worsens, you might experience respiratory ailments, decreased quality of life, and physical discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways to improve indoor air quality using natural methods. Try some of these natural ways to improve IAQ in your Kansas home.

Learn the Facts About Indoor Air Pollution and How It Impacts IAQ

With all the cleaning we do in our homes, it's natural to assume the air inside is reasonably clean, too. A recent survey conducted by an air filter manufacturer found that around half of the survey respondents believed indoor air was cleaner than outdoor air.

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Get the Best From Your Ductless Mini Splits in Cooler Weather-- Or Anytime -- With These Tips

For high-efficiency heating in cool or frigid temperatures, with versatile installation options to match practically any home-improvement project, ductless mini splits are often the best heating solution for homeowners in most regions of the country. To get the best performance from your Mitsubishi ductless system installation through the heating months -- or anytime-- make sure you or your HVAC contractor use these tips.

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Create a Healthier Home Environment by Avoiding These 5 Damaging Issues

Your home’s indoor air quality plays a large role in your family’s health. Taking care to eliminate pollutants, allergens and contaminants from your home will improve both indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Working to eliminate the five common causes of poor indoor air quality can substantially increase your comfort, health and wellness and create a healthier home environment.

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Money Saving and Energy

How You Can Employ Both Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Your Home

Energy efficiency and conservation are popular topics that are reflected in the design of tighter new homes and the efficiency upgrades made in existing homes. To maximize energy-saving efforts, it’s important to employ a strategy that includes both energy efficiency and energy conservation methods and practices. The results can be comforting when you see lower energy bills.

What’s Involved in the Installation of a Ductless System?

A ductless heat pump system is far from the conventional forced-air heat pump in terms of air distribution, efficient zonal comfort and installation best practices. To maximize the benefits of your new system, however, make sure the ductless installation is performed by an HVAC dealer experienced with the intricacies of installing ductless components.

Advanced Technology Offered in Mitsubishi Electric’s Heating and Cooling Systems

When you buy Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems, you can be sure you're getting the most technologically advanced home comfort equipment available. Mitsubishi applies advanced technology to all of its products, producing sturdy, stable heating and cooling systems that provide superior indoor comfort and reliable performance.

Why U.S. Homeowners Choose Mitsubishi When Going With Ductless Heating and Cooling

There are many choices available to U.S. homeowners for home heating and cooling systems. Choosing the right system is contingent upon many variables, including the new construction or remodel specifications of the home, energy sources, system efficiency, indoor air quality concerns and weighing many more pros and cons involved with an important home investment. Keep reading to learn the many advantages of going ductless, and why discerning homeowners choose Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems.

Help Your Mini Split Do Its Job With These Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips

Significant factors influencing the performance of any heating system are the rate of heat loss through the home shell, and the quality of maintenance and care. If your comfort and energy budget were challenged during the cooling months, you may expect more of the same during the heating months. To help your ductless mini split do its job better, consider the following fall and winter energy-saving tips.

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