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Shawnee, KS Contractors

Located in Johnson County, Shawnee, Kansas, has been named one of the best places to live in America. This growing suburban community features all the conveniences of big-city living mixed with the friendliness and warmth of a small-town environment. Visitors and residents alike will enjoy wandering Shawnee's manicured streets and delving into the area's culture and history.

Area History & Geography

Shawnee enjoys a long, rich history beginning with the Osage and Shawnee peoples who inhabited the area centuries before immigrants from Europe arrived. The area first became an outpost for immigrants during the 1840s and saw some action during the Civil War when William Quantrill came into the area. Shawnee became an agricultural hub during reconstruction and was recognized as one of the leading produce providing regions in the state by the 1920s. Shawnee enjoyed strong growth after World War II, becoming one of the premier suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri.

Shawnee is located in the northeast corner of Kansas. It is one of the western suburbs of Kansas City, which lies just over the state line in neighboring Missouri. Residents of Shawnee travel into Kansas City via one of several interstates running between the two cities. Visitors will find that Shawnee offers a great home base for exploring the greater Kansas City area.

The Residents of Shawnee

A growing community, Shawnee boasts nearly 180,000 residents. Thanks to its metropolitan location, the area enjoys strong cultural diversity with both out-of-state residents and foreign-born individuals moving into the city. Many of the area's residents own their own farms or are employed in agriculture.

Recreation, Attractions and Entertainment

Visitors and residents alike will find that Shawnee offers a wide variety of family friendly recreation and entertainment opportunities. Many individuals enjoy visiting Shawnee Town, a museum that celebrates the area's early agricultural history. The museum also hosts a Speakers Series with informative lectures and performances by area intellectuals. OF course, Old Shawnee days is a favorite among those who want to celebrate the area's history with their family and friends.

Families with children will find that Shawnee also offers a wide variety of activities designed to keep younger kids occupied. The city's many parks and recreation areas are perfect for the family who wants to enjoy a relaxed day outdoors. The nearby Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City offers educational exhibits and plenty of fun just a short drive away from Shawnee.

Climate and Weather Conditions

As with the rest of the American Plains, Shawnee tends to experience warm summers and chilly winters. Thanks to warm summer conditions and relatively high humidity levels, many home and business owners use ductless HVAC systems to stay comfortable indoors. Shawnee ductless air conditioning contractors have installed these innovative systems throughout the city in order to keep buildings comfortable without making significant changes to existing architecture.

Mitsubishi Electric Dealers in Shawnee KS

Whether you're a longtime resident of Shawnee or you're visiting the area for the first time, you know that staying comfortable indoors is key to enjoying your time in this beautiful city. A ductless mini split or ductless air conditioning system can provide for cool comfort on even the hottest of days. These systems require no costly modifications to your home or business. Professional technicians can install most ductless AC systems in a few hours. Of course, many Shawnee residents also need to warm their spaces during the winter. The ductless heat pump Shawnee home and business owners prefer can handle both heating and cooling tasks. Ductless heat pumps afford an environmentally friendly, economically efficient way to heat and cool your space year round. Look to our Mitsubishi Electric dealer network at for more information about ductless air conditioning.