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Oak Grove, MO Contractors


Once little more than a gathering place for local farmers and traders, Oak Grove has grown into a prosperous bedroom community of Kansas City. After its founding as a small agricultural community during the closing years of the 19th century, the city quickly developed a reputation as a fertile area that produced heavy grain yields. Although the Dust Bowl of the 1930s didn't directly affect the Oak Grove area, the persistent drought and economic depression that coincided with the event made life tough across western Missouri. Fortunately, the area recovered in earnest during the post-war years. These days, Oak Grove's easy access to Interstate 70 makes it a favored Kansas City suburb.


It's important not to confuse the Oak Grove, Missouri near Kansas City with the much smaller community of Oak Grove in rural Madison County, Missouri. The more widely known Oak Grove sits a little over 25 miles from downtown Kansas City via Interstate 70. Although most of the city proper has been built out with a mixture of residential subdivisions and small commercial districts, the land that surrounds it remains largely rural. To the east of Oak Grove, the gently rolling land is largely agricultural. To the west, the intensity of development increases in inner K.C. suburbs like Blue Springs and Raytown. Local protected areas include wetland-rich Sni-a-Bar Conservation Area.

Population and Demographics

The most recent U.S. Census puts Oak Grove's population at just under 8,000. For comparison, the 2000 Census reported a population figure of about 5,500. With Oak Grove adding hundreds of new residents per year, the city has been scrambling to add services and expand its payroll. Fortunately, local residents and business owners enjoy a high standard of living and support tight-knit local institutions. Many Oak Grove residents work as managers or senior employees at well-known Kansas City service firms. Thanks to a great local school system, Oak Grove is known as a destination for families with young children as well.

Things to Do in Oak Grove, Missouri

Oak Grove is a lively town with plenty to do and see. The city's impressive parks department maintains a network of several city parks, including the fisherman-friendly Caraway Lake Park. For those who prefer to take nature-focused day trips beyond Oak Grove's borders, the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area is a premier conservation zone that offers hiking, bird-watching and seasonal hunting. Oak Grove also offers plenty of refined entertainment, including a postcard-perfect downtown area that features independent boutiques and restaurants.

Climate and Weather

Oak Grove lies within the humid continental climate zone. Although the local climate is characterized by cool to cold winters and warm, humid summers, extreme or catastrophic weather is quite rare. For instance, winter snowfalls generally amount to no more than a few inches at a time and tend to be followed by spells of mild weather. Winters in Oak Grove also tend to be drier than first-time visitors would expect. During the spring and summer, soaking rains jump-start the local growing season and often break stretches of muggy weather. In the fall, generally dry weather facilitates the harvest process and produces attractive foliage displays that peak in late October.

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