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Scott Temperature

For more than 60 years, Scott Temperature Equipment has provided great heating and cooling services throughout the Lawrence KS area. We started out by seeing a need and meeting it during World War II, and we remain committed to meeting our friends' and neighbors' heating and cooling needs in the twenty-first century. Our technicians are trained, certified and dedicated to getting the job done the right way, and we are constantly working to stay on top of the latest technologies and developments in a fast-moving industry.

Mitsubushi Electric Cooling and Heating Products

One of the greatest HVAC developments of the last several decades is the rise of ductless cooling and heating products. Although they run on the same cooling cycle as any other air conditioner, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps have several advantages over traditional systems:

  • Variable Speed Compressors: The compressor is the heart of any heat pump or air conditioner, as it forces the gaseous refrigerant to become liquid and actually release stored heat outside the home. A variable speed compressor allows the ductless system to match the home's cooling needs exactly, eliminating uncomfortable temperature changes and improving energy efficiency.
  • Compact Construction: Ductless systems are ideal for small homes and apartments because they take up very little space. Each wall mounted air conditioner sits high in a living space where it blends seamlessly into the background.
  • Efficient Design: The average central air conditioner loses 30 percent of its cooling power to leaks in the ducts. A ductless system eliminates this issue by delivering its cooling power directly to the target space.

Going Ductless with Scott Temperature

As part of our commitment to our customers, we have trained our HVAC technicians in the best ductless heat pump installation techniques in the business. Our experts will come to your home, assess exactly how much heating and cooling power you need and recommend a ductless product that will meet those needs within your budget. During the ductless air conditioning installation process itself, we work diligently to make sure every unit meets the manufacturer's standards and is well-positioned to keep running efficiently for many years.