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Liberty, MO Contractors

Liberty MO

Situated in Clay County, Liberty MO has a population of roughly 30,000 and is part of Greater Kansas City. The city has an area of about 30 square miles and is 15 minutes northeast of Kansas City.


Liberty was settled in 1822. Early settlers included David Rice Atchison and Alexander William Doniphan, lawyers who worked on behalf of the Mormons who had also settled in the area. In 1838, Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Mormons, was held in Liberty Jail for several months. After his case was heard, Smith and his followers left Missouri and established a new Mormon settlement in Illinois.

In 1913, the Interurban Rail System connected Liberty with Kansas City, and in 1926, U.S. Route 69 connected the two cities as well. With the construction of Interstate 35 in the 1960s, Liberty became a Kansas City suburb, while several Liberty businesses relocated to Kansas City to enjoy lower taxes. In 2003, the city was struck by an F2 tornado that caused between $15,000 and $20,000 in property damage, but there were no human casualties.


Liberty has about 11,000 households. Almost 60 percent of the households are married couples living together, and 30 percent of the households are singles. Forty percent of households include kids under 18. The median age is about 35 years old, and the median household income is approximately $55,000.

Jesse James Bank Museum

Liberty is the site of the first bank robbery that occurred during the day. The robbery took place on a snowy afternoon in February, 1866 and was blamed on Jesse James and his gang. Visitors can revisit that cold afternoon at the Jesse James Bank Museum, located on the Liberty Historic Square. The bank is furnished with period pieces and includes exhibits, photographs and a museum store.

Jesse James House And Farm

The descendents of Jesse James maintained his home in nearby Kearney, MO, until 1978, when it began to deteriorate. Clay County bought the home, restored it, and furnished it with family photographs and period pieces. At the Jesse James Farm And Museum, visitors can view a film about the notorious James Gang and examine artifacts such as James' last pair of boots and his gun belt. Word has it that Jesse James was killed while holding a feather duster, and that feather duster is also on display.

Jesse James Festival

Every September, the Jesse James Festival in Kearney, MO, celebrates Kearney's history as the hometown of the notorious Jesse James. The festival draws thousands every year and features live music, a demolition derby, a rodeo, a barbeque competition, arts and crafts, a carnival, dancing, a chainsaw carving show and a parade.

Clay County Museum & Historical Society

Visit the Clay County Museum and discover Liberty, MO, as it was in 1865. The museum includes an old-fashioned drugstore with a complete pharmaceutical collection, a 1930s doctor's office with one of the first x-ray machines in the area, and a Victorian-style apartment.


This city offers residents four distinct seasons without the extremes of hot and cold typical of cities to the north. Average winter temperatures are in the mid-30s, summer temps average in the mid-70s, and spring and fall, temperatures are in the mid-60s. For those who live in Liberty MO ductless air conditioning delivers consistent and reliable cooling during the summer months. With the moderate winters, a ductless heat pump provides just the right amount of warmth.

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