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Lees Summit, MO Contractors

Lee's Summit is the sixth largest city in both Missouri and the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. It is located within both the counties of Jackson and Cass in western Missouri. The city sits along Interstate 470 just southeast of Kansas City. In 2010, it was ranked 27th on CNN Money's top 100 places to live.


The city was founded in 1865 by William B. Howard as the Town of Strother. The town consisted of 11 blocks built alongside the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The Summit portion of the name derives from the town being the highest point along the railroad between Kansas City and St. Louis. There is disagreement over whether the Lee portion was named for Civil War General Robert E. Lee or prominent local doctor Pleasant Lea. Proponents of the Dr. Lea version attribute the spelling to a mistake by railroad sign painters.

The town claims Cole Younger as its most infamous citizen. Younger was called the last of the great outlaws by author Homer Croy. After Union soldiers murdered and robbed his father, he joined a Confederate guerilla band known as Quantrill's Raiders. Younger was responsible for saving numerous homes in Lee's Summit from being burned to the ground by the Union. Outlawed for these actions following the war, he turned to bank robbery and was eventually arrested and imprisoned.


The Lee's Summit Historical Society and Museum was built in a 1905 train depot and displays artifacts from the town's early history. Stonehaus Farms Winery offers wine tasting as well as a venue for weddings and other special events. Powell Gardens features multiple gardens, bird watching, butterflies, and other wildlife. Paradise Park has rides, games, and other attractions for kids and the entire family. Downtown Lee's Summit has shopping and dining plus special events such as farmer's markets and concerts 99 days out of the year.


Lee's Summit has a population of about 92,000. There are about 37,000 housing units and just under 10,000 business. About 40% of all households have children under 18 and around 58% are married couples. 27% of households are non-families and 9% are seniors over the age of 65. The median household income is about $75,000 and 6% of the population lives below the poverty level.


Lee's Summit is in a humid continental climate zone and experiences four distinct seasons. Summers have hot days and muggy nights. Summer highs average in the mid 80s and lows average in the 60s. Winters have mild days and cold nights. High temperatures average in the low 40s and lows average around 25 degrees. The rainy season is late spring and early summer, with an average of over five inches of rain in May and June. Between one to two inches per month falls during the winter and the rest of the year averages about three inches per month.

Lee's Summit MO HVAC Systems

Lee's Summit's midwestern location makes it a heating and cooling challenge. It features extreme temperatures in both summer and winter and adequate HVAC systems to match. For maximum energy efficiency, separate heating and cooling systems are recommended. A combined heat pump system does not perform well during prolonged freezing temperatures and occasional summer highs entering the 100s make a dedicated cooling unit desirable.

Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning is a good option for cooling, especially in older buildings without central air conditioning. Even if an existing central air conditioner is in place, when it is time for it to be replaced a ductless system may be best. A ductless system has individualized temperature control so that only a portion of the house can be cooled at a time rather than cooling the entire house even if portions of it are not being used at the time. For assistance with any Lee's Summit air conditioning needs, visit /contractors/lees-summit-mo-ductless.