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Kearney, MO Contractors


The Kearney area was first settled in the 1850s. Like the inhabitants of many other communities in the area, Kearney's early residents took advantage of the fertile local soils to produce bumper yields of crops like corn, wheat and beans. The city's early history was marked by a notable event: the birth of famed outlaw Jesse James. Although James rarely returned to Kearney after his childhood, he remains an important part of the local lore and a key aspect of Kearney's "brand." Meanwhile, the emergence of nearby Kansas City as a major Midwestern business center has attracted new families to the area. The town looks poised to continue its brisk growth for the foreseeable future.


Kearney sits at a busy Interstate 35 junction just 25 miles northeast of Kansas City. The town itself lies on gently rolling patch of high ground, and the surrounding landscape is a generally flat patchwork of agricultural fields and oak stands. Thanks to unusually shaped borders that create a number of outlying enclaves, much of Kearney's land remains undeveloped. Its primary built-up zone consists of a small downtown core, several older residential neighborhoods, and a number of new subdivisions that feature a mixture of single-family houses and multi-unit spaces.

Population and Demographics

The U.S. Census Bureau places Kearney's population at just under 9,000. Although this figure has increased markedly since the late 20th century, Kearney remains smaller than many other outlying Kansas City communities. This is due to the richness of the surrounding farmland as well as to long-standing local policies that guide and restrict development. However, the housing stock that does exist here is popular with middle-class families and retirees alike. The locals who don't brave the daily commute into Kansas City typically find employment at the small industrial concerns that operate in and around town.

Things to Do in Kearney, Missouri

It should be no surprise that many of Kearney's most famous attractions and events relate to the infamous 19th-century outlaw who roamed the town as a boy. Every September, locals and visitors gather for the Jesse James Festival, a week-long event that celebrates the man's life and features a barbecue, 5K run, demolition derby, car show and more. Folks who aren't able to make it to the actual festival can take self-guided tours of the Jesse James Farm. Located just to the north of Kearney, the farm contains a number of preserved and restored artifacts as well as research facilities for scholars of the Old West. Meanwhile, Kearney locals and visitors who don't cotton to outlaw culture can check out the town's eclectic business district or take a day hike through nearby Rocky Hollow Park.

Climate and Weather

Kearney's weather is dominated by a continental climate pattern that produces cold winters and warm summers. Although snow is fairly common between November and March, precipitation is relatively light during this period. As such, severe snowstorms are quite rare. Precipitation increases markedly from April until October, and regular thundershowers provide welcome relief from bouts of heat and humidity during the height of the summer. Despite regular rainfall, Kearney often experiences long stretches of sunny, warm weather that encourages local residents to get outside. The second half of October features a real treat: a brilliant two-week foliage display.

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