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Belton, MO Contractors

What Belton MO lacks in size, it more than makes up for in personality. Interstate 49B runs through the city, connecting Kansas City to the north with Joplin two hours to the south. Nearly 25,000 people reside in suburban Belton. U.S. President Harry S. Truman lived in the town briefly as a boy before his parents moved into neighboring Grandview and then on to Independence. The town retains much of its charm while benefiting from growth and development associated with its proximity to Kansas City.

Belton History

The Shawnee had lived around the area that became Belton and were guaranteed certain lands by a treaty. Many headed to Oklahoma during the Civil War to escape harassment. Those who returned found that settlers had filled their reservation, so they ended up going back to Oklahoma. Belton was incorporated in 1872. It was named for a Civil War captain who was friends with one of the founders. Early residents were mainly from Kentucky. Carry Nation, a temperance activist known for taking a hatchet to saloons, lived near Belton as a child. After her death in Lawrence, Kan., in 1911, she was buried in the family plot in Belton. Self-help author and speaker Dale Carnegie considered Belton to be his hometown and is also buried in the city. The City Hall Museum on Main Street preserves the story of the community.

Living in Belton

Downtown Belton is a vibrant place with charming shops and several annual events to draw locals and visitors into the center of the city. Residents enjoy half a dozen parks with picnic areas, walking trails and sports fields. Belton also has a wellness center with an indoor aquatic center to help residents stay fit. Belton School District operates the public schools in the city. Belton Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in town, but several others are located in cities a short drive away. Cass County Library has a branch in Belton.

Belton Area Attractions

Eagles' Landing Golf Course of Belton is the only course in the city. It is a membership course, but packages are available to fit various size budgets. Additional courses are located in Grandview and the surrounding communities. One unusual attraction in town is the Belton Grandview & Kansas City Railroad. There is a railroad museum in Belton, and 5-mile excursion rides are available on weekends during the summer. All of the cultural, culinary, musical, athletic and entertainment delights of Kansas City are just minutes away.

Belton MO Ductless Air Conditioning

High humidity in the region combines with summer temperatures to create a heat index that can be downright unbearable. Chilly winters see an average amount of snow for the U.S., with a few inches per month from November to April. In Belton MO ductless air conditioning and ductless heat pumps offer an alternative to pricy, complicated central HVAC systems. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating products require very little space, operate efficiently and emit only a small amount of background noise. offers free referrals to certified dealers in the Belton area. These ductless HVAC units only need one small hole through an exterior wall. Some new models are rated for outside temperatures as low as minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit. High-tech drivers ensure the fans won't blow cold air into the room, and individual temperature controls help conserve energy in unused rooms. Ductless AC or heat could be the right choice for an older Belton MO home or business, a newly converted space or a recent addition.