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Zoned Heating and Cooling With Ductless Systems Is the Ultimate in Comfort

Much like ductless mini- and multi-split systems, zoning systems are gaining in popularity as homeowners are finding out that home comfort and HVAC efficiency are two peas in the same pod. Why not combine these two technologies – ductless and zoning – into one system?

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the ductless system you're considering for your new energy-efficient home construction or home-improvement project is already a genuine zoned heating and cooling system.

What Is Zoned Heating and Cooling?

The typical heating and cooling system conditions all living spaces of a home at the same time, whether it's a central forced-air system or a radiant system. This creates discomforts – hot/cold spots – depending upon the heat gain/loss from room to room.

Zoned heating and cooling alleviates comfort issues and boosts system efficiency by heating and cooling each zone (one or more rooms and areas) on demand via a network of thermostat or temperature sensors in each zone, which may be programmed to match the lifestyle of occupants. In other words, a zoning system affords homeowners the luxury of separate temperatures from zone to zone, if and when desired, and reap great energy savings.

Zoning With Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and cooling systems are air-source heat pumps, which transfer heat energy from one air source to another (air inside and outside the home) by refrigeration principles, just the same as conventional central air-source heat pumps and A/Cs (for cooling). Refrigerant inside the outdoor coil extracts heat energy (in heat mode) from the air. The refrigerant, under temperature and pressure changes, releases the heat energy at the coil inside the home.

Though the principle of refrigerant heating and cooling is the same for ductless and central systems, ductless systems are substantially more efficient than the typical central system. Part of the reason is that central systems are air-distribution systems, relying on ductwork to deliver heated and cooled airflow from a large centrally located air-handling unit (AHU). Ductless heating and cooling systems are refrigerant distribution systems, providing point-of-use heating and cooling directly inside the living spaces (zones).

With ductless heating and cooling systems, there are no energy losses related to air duct issues, such as duct leaks, heat conduction through thin duct walls, poor design, damaged ducts or airflow restrictions that increase electricity consumption. Each small ductless system AHU provides efficient and quiet heating and cooling inside the zone where it's installed, offering homeowners a genuine zoning system.

Zoned Temperature Management: WiFi and Wired

Controlling or programming temperatures from one zone to the next is simple. Each zone may be independently controlled with a handheld control and an optional wired wall-mounted kit, or you have the option to link all zones to a wireless (WiFi) central control panel for access and total control of your home’s indoor environmental settings from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you would like to discuss the ductless zoning possibilities for your new energy-efficient home, system replacement or home-improvement project, please contact one of our licensed Mitsubishi Electric Contractors near your home in Kansas or Missouri.


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