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What Does Ductless System Maintenance Consist Of?

Ductless system maintenance involves many of the same checks and inspections as their larger conventional central systems. However, due to design elements specific to ductless units, ductless maintenance should be performed by a certified ductless technician.

Ductless System Maintenance

Ductless systems are air-source heat pumps or cooling specific systems that have been redesigned to accommodate the conditioning needs of a particular space. This is possible through the sleek ductless system designs, which consist of a compact outside compressor/condenser unit, a thin conduit housing condensate and refrigerant lines, and low-profile indoor air-handling units (AHUs).

Following are the basic maintenance steps, as well as some tasks the homeowner may do between annual preventive maintenance.

  • Airflow - Leading ductless systems utilize a three-phase filter system to capture or neutralize particulates, allergens, germs and odors. The technician cleans the filters and indoor air quality components. The homeowner should also clean the filters as suggested by the manufacturer. With regular care, the filtration system may last up to 10 years in select models, and the ductless system will use substantially less electricity.
  • Heat exchange - Ductless systems use high-efficiency refrigerant that flows between the indoor and outdoor coils. The indoor coil is deep cleaned and treated to prevent mold and bacteria growth. The outside coils and cabinet are cleaned. The area around the cabinet is checked to ensure free airflow to the cabinet.
  • Electronics - Several diagnostics are performed to test onboard electronics and sensors that monitor coil temperature, air intake temperature and room temperature. (Select ductless models scan room temperature top to bottom to maximize comfort and efficiency.)
  • Condensate drainage - In cool mode, water vapor condenses on the cold indoor coil. It's imperative that condensate drains freely. Condensate lines are checked for blockages and chemically treated to prevent algae, mold and other contaminants that may hinder drainage and create odors in the home.

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