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Working With a Qualified HVAC Contractor for the Ultimate Service Experience

When something goes wrong with the heating or cooling system, you want to resolve the issue and the disruptions to your schedule and comfort right away. These situations will crop up for every homeowner at some point, but you may be wondering how best to proceed. Here are some pointers for working with an HVAC contractor to enjoy the best possible experience and service.

Requesting HVAC Service

The relationship with your HVAC contractor begins with the first call. Have a notepad handy to jot down any important information, or anything else that strikes you as favorable or as a red flag. How were you treated on the phone? Does the contractor charge extra for after-hours or weekend service calls? Have questions ready that are pertinent to your situation

The HVAC industry is huge. Narrow your search to reputable contractors affiliated with professional industry organizations, such ACCA and NATE. Choosing a contractor who is a factory-authorized dealer is also a wise decision. Call at least three contractors for estimates, and you may end up getting a better deal for the same quality.

Preparing for the Service Call

Be prepared before the heating and cooling technician knocks on the door. HVAC service calls may last an hour or more. You want to make the best effort at dealing with an HVAC issue, and extending common courtesy to your service technician will make for a more successful appointment. Be ready for the professional at the scheduled time, be helpful and make sure the path to the location is clear.

Paying the Bill

You should receive a written estimate before any work is performed. If an unknown issue arises with the repair or installation, your HVAC technician should inform you first and request permission to proceed. A reputable HVAC contractor will make estimates and billing points clear to you.

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