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Energy Star-Certified Ductless Mini Splits: Let This Label Guide Your Choices

If you're one of the growing number of homeowners who have decided to reduce energy costs and boost comfort with a ductless mini split installation, let the Energy Star Most Efficient label guide you to new comfort heights and new energy bill lows.

Energy Star

The Energy Star program is a cooperative endeavor of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions created by inefficient energy use by making it easy for consumers to identify energy-efficient products. This is accomplished by awarding products which have met strict guidelines for energy efficiency, which are marked by the blue Energy Star logo.

When you see a product brandishing the Energy Star logo, such as high-efficiency ductless mini splits, the product has met the following criteria:

  • Products must deliver performance and features, in addition to energy savings, above and beyond that of less efficient models.
  • The higher purchase cost of high-efficiency products will be recouped through energy savings within a reasonable amount of time (i.e. return on investment).

Most Efficient Ductless Mini Splits

The new Energy Star program designation of "Most Efficient" is proof that the Energy Star program works. Products earning Most Efficient label status are the crème de la crème for performance and energy efficiency.

The necessity for a category with more stringent efficiency criteria is due to a combination of consumer awareness and demand, and manufacturers answering the call with more technologically advanced products. Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini splits spearhead this movement, which makes sense coming from the inventors of ductless systems.

When you select a high-efficiency Mitsubishi Electric ductless system, youre installing an exceptional comfort system that meets the following stringent criteria for Energy Star Most Efficient:

  • Minimum cooling efficiency, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, of 18 SEER
  • Minimum heating efficiency, or heating seasonal performance factor, of 9.6 HSPF

Moreover, only HVAC contractors certified by Mitsubishi Electric are licensed to install our ductless mini splits, ensuring quality product, installation and support.

For more information about ductless mini splits certified Energy Star Most Efficient, please contact us to speak with a Mitsubishi Electric contractor near you.

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